Big Me Pays Tribute To Foo Fighters

Imagine a rock sound that is steeped in tradition, fortified with powerful lyrics and musicians, then played at 1.5 times its original speed.  That energetic music is Foo Fighters music.

Since Dave Grohl and Pat Smear got together near the end of Nirvana in the mid-1990s, Foo Fighters has carved a place for themselves in American Rock history and legend.  It’s an addictive sound, brought to you by artists who love music and know how to have fun.  And given their popularity, it was only a matter of time before their music was celebrated in a tribute band.

And on Friday 27 August I got a chance to see Big Me pay tribute to the music of Foo Fighters.

Big Me consists of Jon Memolo on Vocals, Michael Daly on Lead Guitar, Benni James on Rythm Guitar, Darren Milsom on Bass, and Paul Higgins on Drums.

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute)

“When I got into this project,” lead singer Jon said at the show. “I didn’t know anything about The Foo Fighters. But the more I learned and listened, the more I liked.”

He went on to share one of his favorite stories about Grohl’s kind interaction with fans and mentioned that it was a major reason why the Big Me project felt so good to do.

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute)

I caught up with Dan Nunn of Nunn Better Productions and asked him for his first impressions of Big Me’s inaugural performance that night.

“They did great!” he said with enthusiasm. “For a new project and the first performance stellar – imagine what they will be like after a year of playing together? I am very excited about Big Me! I am fortunate to be involved in two new project launches the year with Nunn Better Productions that both crushed it; Nevermind – Nirvana Tribute in June and then Big Me – Foo Fighter Tribute in August!

Doesn’t get much better than that and I look forward to watching, and being a part of, both of these band’s growth and success.”

Big Me’s set list for the night was:

  • All My Life
  • Learn To Fly
  • The Pretender
  • Walk
  • Rope
  • My Hero
  • Monkey Wrench
  • Times Like These
  • Best Of You
  • Dear Rosemary
  • These Days
  • This Is A Call
  • Everlong


Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute)

Together the musicians in Big Me play with power and skill.  Michael Daly put his attention to the strings and gave excellent guitar solos throughout the set.  Darren Milsom played bass in the back for most of the night, venturing forward a few times to play in tandem with Michael and Benni.  He kept a low down in deep resonance.

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute)

Like Dan had mentioned, I imagine their connections will continue to grow the longer they play together.

I’ve seen drummer Paul Higgins play before – in Stonebender and Dr. Crue – and have always admired his solid strike.  My favorite Higgins moment from the past has been to hear him duplicate Andy Parker’s work – hit for hit – in the UFO song Lights Out.

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute)

I’ve seen Benni James perform as a solo artist before, so I was happy to see him bring his riffs to stage that night as well.

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute)

The crowd at Tulalip was enthusiastic and singing along.  Their reaction proves this music touches a lot of people’s lives, and gives them reasons to have a good time.  Look for fantastic things to happen with Big Me from this successful beginning.

If you are any level of Foo Fighters fan, Big Me will make you smile and dance!

Big Me (Foo Fighters Tribute)

Big Me – Seattle’s Tribute to Foo Fighters