About NeHi Stripes

NeHi Stripes Musiczine Seattle started in May 2017. But the idea came about 1 year earlier.

NeHi Stripes exists because it’s a way to give back. The bands and solo musicians work very hard to bring us the best from the Northwest. Therefore, we cover shows, write reviews and tell our stories as a way to thank the bands, but also to share with those that were not able to make a show. We do not make any money doing this, it’s strictly donated time and money. We have provided a donation tab which will help us update our website, but also cover the cost of the yearly website fees, and promotional items.

 Below are some pictures we’ve taken since our inception; and it’s going very well.


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Who we are; dedicated people who love good LOCAL music, while also supporting the music scene enough to start a website and donate our free time to write about it!

CMarie –  used to write for a different music website. That site was specifically called a “click -bait” site. After three years of writing her own articles, it was time for her to start a website, solely based on the Seattle music we like; specifically rock and metal. It’s important for anyone that reads this that they know all of our articles are written by us. They are not written by authors on other websites. We found out that a clickbait site often takes other writers articles, then change a few words to make it his/her own. Then they insert a hyperlink to the original article they took the story from in the first place. That is a BIG NO for us. We write everything from start to finish; which includes taking our own photos, and videos (unless otherwise noted in the article). CMarie is the founder, website administrator, editor and also a writer. She focuses on the bigger projects that take longer to research and write.

Far Left Photo-CMarie with friend Kelly Kirkpatrick and rock photographer Paul Hernandez. Far Right Photo CMarie with Katie Katt Boynton

NWMusicPhotos (Kurt Clark) – is a longtime friend of CMarie’s. He is well-known in the Seattle Music Community; specifically photographing bands.  When Kurt is not covering a show, you can find him rocking out somewhere in the NW enjoying the music. Kurt is also an excellent writer. Kurt is married and has two sons. Kurt has many hobbies too, one of which is photographing with “film” cameras. He enjoys taking photos of his son’s rollerskating too. With several years of photographing bands under his belt, Kurt has earned respect and has a solid reputation.

Far Right Photo-Kurt with drummer Chris Black//Photo Far Left-Kurt with Kristopher Scott Oberg

Nina Rose BarberNina lives in the United Kingdom and without a doubt, loves Seattle. More specifically………the Seattle grunge era! CMarie met Nina at the annual Layne Staley Tribute a few years ago. Each year they got to know one another a little better. When CMarie started thinking about bringing Nina on as a writer, she went to someone that knew her better. That person was Klover Jane, Years of War and Jar of Flies singer, Rane Stone. He had known Nina much longer. Rane has known Nina much longer and it didn’t take him but a quick second to give her a glowing recommendation, simply by saying “she’s a brilliant writer”. Nina later confided that she used to write Rane actual letters; therefore, Rane DID know what he was talking about. that recommendation did not surprise anyone. PLUS Nina was a Layne Staley fan, and anyone who loves Layne has got something good going on in their lives. Nina is also a car lover and an accomplished artist.

Photo Far Right-Nina with rock photographer”iron” Mike Savoia//Photo Far Left-Nina with Mike and friends at the Seattle Mariners Game with rock band Alice in Chains throwing the first pitch.

For any bands that want their shows photographed, please email Kurt Clark at NeHiStripes-Photo@MetalFan.com.

If you’d like us to come to a show, please email us at NeHiStripes@MetalFan.com. Please understand that we will need to listen to your music first before we commit. We would never cover or review a show unless we like it. We do not write reviews for anyone unless we think there’s potential or we absolutely LOVE it!!

We’ve been fortunate to be welcomed by the Seattle bands and have been encouraged to continue with this path. We are still very young and have a long way to go.