About NeHi Stripes

NeHi Stripes Musiczine Seattle started in May 2017. But the idea came about 1 year earlier.

GrungeGal50 used to write for an entertainment website, which is more specifically called a “click bait” site. After a couple of years writing her own articles, it was time for her to start a website, solely based on the Seattle music we like.

She asked longtime friend and fellow Seattle music fan, Kurt Clark to join the adventure, as the webzine’s photographer, and co-website administrator.

We’ve been fortunate to be welcomed by the Seattle bands and have been encouraged to continue with this path. Currently, we do not have a set schedule on when articles are published. That’s due to lack of writers, and researchers. GrungeGal50 is the only writer for the site at the moment. We do have one contributing writer in the U.K. Her name is Nina Barber, and she will be making her debut writing appearance very soon.

Below are some pictures we’ve taken since our inception; and it’s going very well.

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We are still very young and have a long way to go.

For any bands that want their shows photographed, please email Kurt Clark atNeHiStripes-Photo@MetalFan.com or contact him thru his website at KurtClark.US

Rane W Stone is a contributor to NeHi Stripes. He is a well known musician in Seattle, as well as a life coach. He shares his favorite inspirational quotes with us, and we pass them along.

Rane W Stone

Thank you for visiting and we do hope that you’ll visit us often!