Twasmonaut brightens the 2020 holidays

Local musician Keith Wright gathered some of Seattle’s other musicians to record a Christmas song with his band Twasmonaut.

“I wrote a song over the last few years that I KNEW was a Christmas song,” he wrote. “I ADORE the holiday season in many ways, and despise it and it’s many Societal faults. Regardless, this song was happening, it was coming. Much like an oncoming birth; it’s happening!”

Keith Wright – Photo by Kurt Clark / Nehi Stripes Seattle

The song Home Forever was the result – a song that expressed Keith’s feelings about 2020, Covid19, financial hardship, loneliness, family loss, social justice, and political strife. Through it all, hope and togetherness hides underneath the grit of the daily lives we’ve all slogged through this year. The very fact that local musicians could combine their talent and soul at such a hard time is testament enough that the project was therapeutic for participants and listeners alike.

Home Forever (Twasmonaut Before Christmas)

He’s tired of all the walking and the bus line’s are lame
His daughter wants a dolly but he doesn’t know her name..
Work is slow and money’s tight, gets up just the same
The lights are on and games are played, his soul pride Still

Steady as she goes
Rudolph’s taken flight and he’s leading by a nose
Steady as she goes
Christmas time has spoken and this is how it goes..

Lovely destination a gift so sincere
While a plight has stopped a nation and social time of fear
Hold your boys and grip your girls, something to feel,
Boxes wrapped in ribbon Give them Something to reveal..

I’ve told them all that My Life Matters, this is how it goes..

Trudging on a store run mom requested some cheer
My presence has upset them and cops have made it clear
Stop the car and pull my card the cops are so scared
Now I’m not coming home forever, mother sits and stares..

A test has fell upon us but this is how it goes..

Her veins are filled with blood cells but the whites disappear
A mild aggravation but the chemo brings her tears..
Life becomes a sunset while the family draws near
Her children dearly miss her, her memory held dear..

Aside from Twasmonaut and Gibson Wright on piano, the vocalists were: Intisaar Jubran, Wyatt Olney, Glenn Cannon, John Evans, Victortrey Funklove, Katrina Lorme, Grace Love, and Kyyle Cort.

“What we ended up with was a wonderful collection of voices singing Christmas carol style and a beautiful production value,” Keith wrote. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and owe a hearty Thank You to all who participated.”

You can check Home Forever out for yourself, at Twasmonaut’s Bandcamp page!

The song is also available for download there, for anyone who wants to retain this treasure for years to come. Happy Holidays music lovers!