Ganesa – From russia with grunge

One of the best forms of flattery is to hear “The Seattle Sound” played from very far away!

Photo courtesy of Ganesa

Ganesa is a Russian grunge group from Petrozavodsk that has been around for about ten years. The band consists of Aleksander on bass and vocal, Seryoga on guitar, Pip on drums, and Evgen on guitar and other noise. Ganesa’s signature sound is dirty grunge, deep resonating bass, fuzzy riffs and ever-so-sweet feedback.

In short, everything that is beautiful about Seattle in the 1990s!

The sound of their original work is a touch different, as if that legendary era never ended and then intermingled with sludge, stoner, and desert rock to take the sound forward into the 21st century. After taking part in some multi-band compilations, the band released a self-titled EP, a few singles, then their first LP: First Breath (“Первый вздох). It was recorded at 3 studios in Petrozavodsk, then mixed and mastered by Vlad Avy in Canada in 2013-14. The band released the album after that, without any label support.

Recently Ganesa did a live garage stream on location in Moscow! The set was then posted on VK. This was 18 minutes of heavy sounds and deep beats!

Alexsander told me a while back that all the band members are huge fans of Seattle music. They have also worked extensively with Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio. Talking with him about Seattle is like talking to a Native Seattlite!

A prime example of how the band has blended all the heavy Seattles together is in their single “Voice,” which combined Mark Arm’s vocal range with Melvins’ slow Drop D onslaught and the dissonance that is legendary among many of the grunge bands of the era:

Their latest track is called “Stop The Madness,” released earlier this year:

Grunge is universal. It hits a nerve, and taps on the heart of people who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With so many fans of the sound around the world, that spread is a true testament to the power and influence Grunge had on the music industry. It’s nice to see bands like Ganesa keeping the spirit alive in the 21st century, and opening up the genre to new generations of music fans.

Very soon Ganesa will be teaming up with Shame from Italy on a release. To get a true handle what this band can do, check them out on VK and Reverbnation!