Baby And The Nobodies – Full Throttle At Funhouse!

If you’re looking for an honest rock band with an edge, Baby And The Nobodies will serve it up loud and proud!

Baby And The Nobodies


The band dedicates themselves to giving a healthy dose of music without a lot of filler.  Drums resonate. Guitars wail. Bass digs deep. And vocals split the night.  Plenty of fuzz and hard hits.  The energy and heat of their music translate universal themes of love, girl power, relationships, irresponsible dudes, and hangovers.

All through Rebecca Terry’s smooth voice!

Baby And The Nobodies

I have followed the band’s progress over the last few years, and I can say that each show is better than the previous one.  Their songs are catchy – simple at first, with a groove that pulls listeners into a beat, and in a key that stays in the head for hours past the show.  They keep a very regular performance schedule, so seeing them play is an easy endeavor.

Baby And The Nobodies

I caught up with them last New Years Day at the Funhouse in Seattle when the band opened for Enuff Z’Nuff.  At the helm that night was Rebecca on vocals, Rev on guitars, Zhaun Dagley on bass and Jason Bennett on drums.  Their set included many of their original songs and closed with a signature rocked-out cover of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff!”

With shows scheduled most every month, creative changes, and an album release this Summer, BATN is in deep for action in 2020 and beyond.  Look for their show schedule on Facebook and get the straight scoop on life, stage front!