Late September Dogs And Pamela Moore Bring The Thunder To Louie G’s Pizza

Seattle music fans have it really good.

The music scene around the Puget Sound is strong, healthy, and diverse.  Almost every weekend brings me invites to three or more shows I’m asked to attend.  Sometimes it’s hard to pick because there’s so much talent around here.  You want a particular style?  Chances are you’ll find something to satisfy your music pallet.

But on Saturday, March 16th, it was NOT hard to pick the show at Louie G’s Pizza – with Late September Dogs and Pamela Moore!

Late September Dogs

It was a night of thunder, power and skill.  Tight musicianship crossed paths with charisma.  Both bands are female-led. Both bands are fortified with experienced players.  And both bands know how to put on a show!

Late September Dogs

Late September Dogs opened the concert and wasted no time taking command of the venue. The band members are Jackie Farrar and Liz Teisan on vocals, Dan Teisan on guitar (Liz’ brother), Luis Williams on drums, Dave Ames on bass, and Jay Smith on guitar.  LSD mixes heavy hooks with deep beats from Dave and Luis. Dave is a seasoned pro who also puts in time with Second Sting Scorpions Tribute, Elizabeth Better, and Chrome Molly.  Luis uses what appears to be the largest drum stick I’ve ever seen, and from the power of his strike one can tell that he’s the penultimate timekeeper.  The two-part female harmonies from Jackie and Liz were perfectly matched, with voices that are soulful, bluesy and confident. Their onstage presence was alluring, animated, colorful, fluid, and lovely. They played off each other in a way only longtime friends can do.

Stage presence like that is everything to a photographer like me.

Late September Dogs


If the band moves and feels what they play, it’s reflected through the lens.  And when that animation is draped in powerful vocals? BAM. Perfect storm. You know the show will be good in the way they move.

And LSD brought the thunder.

Jay and Dan shared lead and rhythm guitar duty throughout the set.  Jay strapped on his hollow body at one point, to perform some slide guitar for their cover of Cage The Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” – a song which, once again, showcased the group’s ability to perform someone else’s music as a fine-tuned machine.   At the final call, the band gathered women from the crowd to join them on stage to sing the Beatles song “Helter Skelter.”

Their set also included:

  • Out N In
  • Nevermine
  • Curse Your Name
  • On My Way
  • A Way To Get Away
  • My Last Mistake
  • Little Bit O’ Nothing
  • Anything But Beautiful
  • Tip Toe

I caught up with Dan the guitarist the following week and asked him about opening the show.

“We love Pamela!” he said. “My sister Liz took lessons from her for years and we are friends with the guys in her band.” They always enjoy sharing the stage.

I’ve always felt that LSD’s music was a blend of blues, funk, and maybe some roots rock.  Dan agreed.  “That’s where we live really,” he said. “We are big Black Crowes fans. If it’s gonna really rock it’s gotta swing at least a little, right?”

Dan’s excitement for the night was beyond the expected, as a special visitor at the show changed the band’s future in a good way.

Chris Lord-Alge – Grammy-winning producer – has agreed to mix Late September Dog’s upcoming orchestral record!  It’s a long-running project.  We couldn’t be more thrilled about it!”

Late September Dogs

Pamela Moore followed up LSD’s set.

Pamela Moore

Enter the queen! Pamela brought a strong vibe to the stage with her hand-picked band.  Those members are Michael Posch on guitar, Craig Church on guitar, Bobby Ferkovich on bass, and Marco Bicca on drums.

Pamela Moore


Pamela’s long dedication to her voice and our music scene was clear and evident that night; as the ultimate professional, her songs brought together the low heavy sound of fuzzy guitars, tack sharp percussion, plus a bass line that would roll through every room of your house and hit you in the chest. I knew as soon as we walked in during the early sound check, that we were in for something special!

Pamela Moore

The songs are pure and crafted.  The melodies move your Core, while Pamela’s lyrics move your head. She’s played with so many musicians and bands over the years that she surely has the pick of who she wants backing her up.  These guys are all on point and animated.  Plus they all looked like they were having fun!

Pamela Moore

The set for the night was:

  1. Rise
  2. Melt Into You
  3. Undertow
  4. Beneath The Voodoo Marsh
  5. Sickness
  6. My Eternal
  7. Slow Burn
  8. These Scars
  9. Just Breathe (Acoustic guitar)
  10. Awakening
  11. Wifi Zombie
  12. Run
  13. Resurrect Me
  14. Take Me Down


Pamela’s voice is one which is distinctive and immediately recognizable. There is a unique mix of playfulness, innocence, vulnerability, range, and power that is unmatched anywhere.   Her lyrics honor a love lost, a love desired, and open feelings on a jagged ribbon of metal.  The hurt and happiness come through at full strength.

Pamela Moore

She has chosen to back up her lyrics and signature voice with heavy drum strikes, bass lines that pass through you, and high sweeping guitar solos.  This is absolute gold to a guy like me – who likes my music loud and swimming in my head.

The combination truly moves the soul.

With each passing song, the audience was pulled further into a heavy groove that simply kept going.  The songs made natural progressions – to the point where I would say “that’s the exact note I expected to hear!”  Each song had a different hook, different feel, and a different impact on the audience.  The crowd certainly got tighter at the stage as the night went on.

To finish off the set, Jackie and Liz joined Pamela on stage to sing backup!

Pamela Moore

The love fest of soul, funk, rock, and metal engaged and enthused the crowd of dedicated fans – who all left cheering and smiling like little kids.  It was a fantastic night – made possible by the dedication, skill, and talent that makes the Seattle Music Scene a special thing.

The thunder rolled in a big way.

Surely these two groups will play together again. But don’t hesitate to catch Late September Dogs or Pamela Moore anytime they play.  You’ll most definitely enjoy yourself!