The 2019 LAYNE STALEY Tribute Announced


We are so very pleased to announce the 2019 Layne Staley tribute.

We finally get to reveal some of the special guests…. as it’s so hard for me to keep a big secret like this!!  Some of the guests coming to perform at the tribute (and I’m super excited about) is Brendan Maier of Chout (previously of Chicago’s premier AIC Tribute Band “Facelift” and original band Skorned).  Gary Allen of Grind AIC Tribute Band, and Blaine Hammond of  Hairstorm and more.

Check out Brendan’s band Chout and give a listen to their album Dogwater; you can also find out more about them on their website too,.

This year it will be on Saturday, August 24th at The Crocodile.  This is a Jar of Flies event; a band that Seattle is very proud of for their yearly tribute concerts to a legend…..

Layne was a founding member (along with lead guitarist Jerry Cantrell) of the Seattle based rock band Alice In Chains. Layne and Jerry’s harmonies were unique in the sense that they could not be matched by others; many have tried. . Layne’s voice was that of an “angry-angel”; you could FEEL his words!

Chris Cuffaro
Alice in Chains 1992 Photo by Chris Cuffaro used with permission

In 1995 Layne along with Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, Screaming Trees’ Barrett Martin and bassist John Baker Saunders formed the super-group Mad Season. They recorded just one album “Above”. ‘This was one of the greatest albums ever put out by any band of it’s kind. It also showed different sounds that Layne was able to convey in songs like “Wake Up” and “Artificial Red”. The project was a huge success.

Mad Season
Layne in Mad Season 1995 – Photo by Lance Mercer, used with permission

In the years following Layne’s passing, he’s finally getting the recognition he deserved for his contributions to the band. Jerry Cantrell stated in a 2009 interview with Netherlands based “Face-Culture”, that Layne had taken on an “Obi-One” kinda thing and has become more powerful in death. He’s gained more reverence and rightly so. I hope Layne knows just how much his music has meant to the millions around the world.

I’ve seen more and more people come to the tributes each year. They come from all over the world to meet Layne’s mom Nancy and to share the experience that’s really hard to explain. It’s a “brotherhood & sisterhood” of Layniacs! This will be my 8th year in a row and 11th overall; it’s become something I do for the love of Layne and to meet newcomers and those I met years ago! Hope to see you there!

See The Crocodile’s event link here: Layne Staley Tribute Event.

A portion of the proceeds will go to THS (Therapeutic Health Services) – Under the Layne Staley Fund.

Layne’s Jesus pose – picture used with permission by photographer Paul Hernandez

2019 Tribute Poster designed by Cain Hollowbone; inspired by Lance Mercer’s original Mad Season Photo.

NeHi Stripes Musiczine Seattle will be covering this very important event. Each photographer’s website is listed as hyperlinks in their name. You can find more about their work by clicking.

We will update this announcement once more details are known.



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