Iron Dragon And Second Sting Attack The High Dive

The magical combination of hair, distortion, and suggestive rock lyrics filled The High Dive on 11 May 2018, and turned the famous bar into one big steaming box of love!

Iron Dragon
Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon opened the show, playing as a three-way that night with their keyboardist out of town.  The band is Rod Steele on bass, Kip Camaro on guitar and Chase N’ Tail on drums. Iron Dragon plays a randy blend of original material written in the legendary style of 80s Arena Rock, and popular 80s rock covers from bands like Motley Crue, RATT, and Guns N Roses.  Rod is the band’s cunning linguist; his vocal range is skillful and passionate, sailing high through his falsettos.  Kip’s guitar work is pure to the genre – fast, intricate and unrestrained; one look from him and you know he means business.  Chase pounds out the beat with the heavy hit of a human jackhammer, moving like silk on skin and punctuating his stage act with an award-winning smile that says “Ladies like me in back.”

Iron Dragon
Iron Dragon

Fan favorites performed by the band include “Bangs To Heaven,” “Just Tryin’ To Get Some,” “Pink In The Middle,” and “Pass The Pussy.”

Iron Dragon
Tony Abreu

Near the end of their set, the Dragon brought out Tony Abreu – guitarist for Windowpane – to play “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” and other well-known 80s songs.  Tony’s finger prowess lit up the venue and left the masses begging like defenseless coeds.  Iron Dragon concluded their set with high marks. The crowd was spent from the night’s Dragon Attack, and ready for an injection of Second Sting at the same time.

And the Ultimate Scorpions Tribute came to bring on the heat!

Second Sting
Second Sting

Mike “Klaus” Graham sings in Klaus Meine’s vocal range perfectly.  Aaron “Matthias” Cheney brings on lead guitars with the same flair and speed as Matthias Jabs.  Dave “Francis” Ames is proud of his four-string bass that is like the models played by Francis Bucholz.  Tod “Herman” Hobart brings the classic Herman Rarebell drumming style to the stage.  And Chris “Rudy” Colwell bounces, jumps and grits his teeth while playing Rudy Schenker’s signature rhythm guitar sound.  A full set from the Sting is well over an hour and filled with hits from the 80s like The Zoo, Still Loving You, Arizona, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Blackout, Big City Nights, Bad Boys Running Wild, and Coast To Coast.

Their sound is authentic Scorpions, and the perfect tonic for 80s music fans to slide smoothly into their love of the classic rock sound.

Second Sting
Second Sting

“You know whenever we come to town,” Klaus said during the set, “These Iron Dragon guys really get us into trouble.  But with these songs you know, about being pink in the middle and with the tall hair – you know – is anyone surprised?”

Second Sting climaxed just after midnight and, along with Iron Dragon, had given rock fans a sweet taste of excess and pleasure – hard and loud.  Explore those feelings and check out their band pages to schedule your next hot date with debauchery!





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