A Night At The Substation

Four heavy hitters in the Seattle music scene put a show together for Cinco de Mayo this year.  Woodshed, Crossing Crusades, Jericho Hill, and Falling Blind pooled their talent and scheduled for the Substation in Ballard.  But before the show could happen, Nathan Reno of Woodshed became ill and had to be hospitalized. In professional form, Hunter Venturo – singer and guitarist for Woodshed – played an acoustic set in the band’s place.

Before the show started, performers and fans raised their shots and glasses together in Nathan’s honor, and the show went on dedicated to him.


2018-05-05 Substation 20D (39)-2

Hunter’s acoustic set was earthy and soaked in blues.  He brought out his 12-string, 6-string, and mandolin to entertain with songs filled with thoughtful lyrics and music. His vocals transcend the bass-heavy Woodshed sound and kept the audience fixated on the stage – while he weaved tales of life that were easily understood.  His set was the perfect way to begin this night of music.

Crossing Crusades then took up the torch and dominated the stage.

Crossing Crusades

With a heavy lows, soaring vocals, dueling lead guitars and the solid beat, Crossing Crusades is a band that clearly likes its rock.  Retten and Aaron – guitar and bass – have been friends since the age of 7; their friendship shows on stage as they move and play off each other.  Singer Chris’ passion for the music came through in the energy he expended by involving both the band and the audience in his onstage show. Sam played his guitar with authority, adding his unlimited smiles and facial expressions to a playing stance tempered with body arches.  Kevin’s drumsticks are big. Up close they look even larger. His trap glimmered like a pile of new dimes and was augmented by the light he adds before the show. Like all the other band members, he truly showed his love for the music and for his mates by playing a fantastic set of music.

Jericho Hill followed up and kept the fire burning at the Substation.

Jericho Hill

The band’s high-power show launched immediately as Malcolm Williams’ vocals made the stage his own.  Once more my ears soothed to the sounds of heavy bass, dueling guitars, and drums that transported the band on a concrete highway of percussion.  The energy, heat, and sweat swirled around the stage as Jericho Hill pulled fans closer and closer with their performance. And before anyone figured it would happen, the set was over and the time was nearly midnight!  

Fans were enjoying themselves so much that the music acted like a time machine.

Falling Blind

Falling Blind book-ended the show, going on just after 12:00am – continuing with the lively feel of the night with a sound big on guitar and drums. Clayton played double duty on vocals and guitar, and the band on-the-whole played together well.  There was plenty of fantastic music in their set, which left the crowd smiling well into the early hours.

Even though Woodshed was unable to play as a band that night, the fans were all treated to plenty of musical power.  Look for any of these four bands on Facebook, to find out where they are playing next!