New Music From Seattle Favorites


Brand new music from some of your favorite artists hits Seattle, starting this weekend.

Arisen From Nothing

First up we have north-end favorites Arisen From Nothing . I can say that I have been following this band for nearly 5 years now, and these guys have pulled out all of the stops to get where they are now. New lead singer Jessie Brigham brings AFN that missing link; along with new lead guitarist Steven Pontius and drummer Brandon Fuller. Troy Elmore and Eric Hanson, the two remaining founding members, are still with AFN. The band has worked very hard to get where they are now. I believe they’ve found their nitch. I have a lot to say about this new EP, but I’ll wait until after the official CD release, when I review it.

I will be reviewing their EP “Broken” very soon. They have a CD release party Friday night at Louie G’s in Fife, WA (9/29) and Saturday night at Tony V’s Garage in Everett, WA (9/30). You can follow Arisen From Nothing on  Facebook.

Band Members Include:
Jessie Brigham –  Vocals
Troy Elmore –  Guitar
Steven Pontius – Lead Guitar
Eric Hanson – Bass
Brandon Fuller – Drums

Here’s their first single “Chaos”.  Immediately you will notice what I did upon hearing this song; to me that’s fantastic! I’m truly proud of these guys. It’s been a long road for them!


Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage

Next up for upcoming new music is a band that released their first album Dark Futures, just 16 months ago. Front man Wyatt Olney, of Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage tells me that the album, Welcome to Seattle, has an edgier, more aggressive style. He also stated that it’s partially due to moving from acoustic guitar he played on their first album, to electric on this new one. One important piece I’d like to convey of this new album, is Wyatt stated that this entire album was to create a love letter to the music scene that they love so much and  pay tribute to the fantastic music of Seattle.

Their CD release date is October 14 at Studio Seven in Seattle. NeHi Stripes will be at this event and covering the entire show, which includes new band Bruiser Brody, Windowpane, Van Eps and more. The event the CD release will be happening at Migs Fest II.


Band Members Include:                                                                                                                Wyatt Olney – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Kyle Gibboney – Lead Guitar
Willie Nelson – Bass & Backing Vocals

Rob Brennan – Drums
Here’s the title track off Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage’s new album “Welcome to Seattle”, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We will also be reviewing this album very soon. You can follow Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage on Facebook.

The National Guard
The National Guard

The last band I’d like to announce that will be releasing music in the near future is The National Guard. The front man is Nick Pollock of Alice N Chains, My Sisters Machine and Soulbender. With Nick in the band, I’m sure they will be making something rockin”.

Nick tells me that they are releasing a 7′ vinyl single mid-October, and mixing their record thereafter. The release date is TBD at this point. Again, we will be reviewing the CD once it’s ready. You can follow The National Guard on Facebook.

Band Members Include:                                                                                                                 Nick Pollock – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Quinn – Guitar
Nick Rhinehart – Bass
Erin Tate – Drums

As mentioned earlier, we will be reviewing each of the bands noted here and their newest music releases listed in this article. We will publish that review at a later time. Please keep coming back for more articles, reviews and more.

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