Rockin’ from OKC; The Band “PET” Is Among Those To Be Recognized and HEARD!

It clear to me why I love this band out of Oklahoma City; however, it might not be so clear to you. Before we get into that though, I must say I normally do not promote bands out of the PNW. However, the band PET has worked hard; and it didn’t take too long for them to get noticed either.  It all started in the fall of 2015, Judd Carson knew it was time to assemble a band and it wasn’t long before he recruited his cousin, Cameron Glenn (drums). Then Judd’s school-mate Keith Royalty, was recruited for the bass spot.

L to R Cameron Glenn, Judd Carson and Keith Royalty

Within a few months, the band started getting noticed and starting playing in the local bar venues. By summer of 2016. they had played at the “Twister Festival”.  PET also had airplay on 100.5 “Katt” radio station a couple of times too. This year they appeared on Oklahoma City’s “The Crimson Metal” radio program.

I had a chance to talk to Judd for about an hour regarding his band and how much work it takes to actually pen a song and then the music for it. Judd said that he lets the music come to him; it’s never rushed. In fact Judd’s biggest influences are Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and Mad Season, and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. The original grunge music of Seattle is also a big part of Judd’s influences and why I believe their sound is unique. The lyrics come from experiences in life, past relationships and dealing with hardships we all face. They’re not comical as some country songs you hear these days; they are real in-your-face lyrics that when put with music, permeates into a true rock experience.

Bending Walls is my first choice for the new listener. It’s what I would call grungy, gritty and wavy. The lyrics are gutting, painful, yet brilliant; the music is hypnotic, in a way that you get lost in it.. The opening chords of the song take me back to a time I quite can’t remember; yet I know it’s familiar. This is the perfect song to play when your looking up at the stars, trying to figure shit out.

L to R Keith Royalty, Cameron Glenn and Judd Carson

I asked Judd what his favorite PET song is, he replied “Burning”. Burning is a song for those who what to get whatever is holding you down-out. It’s aggressive, raw and  lyrically punchy. This is a true ROCK song-and seeing them play it live is even better.

I’m not sure how Judd has come up with the lyrics and music to Pet’s music; it’s definitely a new appreciation I have for musicians.  The guys just finished up 3 new songs and are ready to play a venue. Unfortunately, a lot of the venues in OKC and surrounding areas have closed. Therefore, if any of the venues that have not hosted this band and reads this article, please book these guys. They will not disappoint!

Next in line for the trio is hopefully some studio time and eventually an album. They have plenty of material for it and I believe will be very successful. If a grunge gal from Seattle loves their music, I’m pretty sure others will follow suit.




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