Custom Brings Their Raw Edge To The Streets in New Album “V”

The band Custom is a Seattle favorite that always brings the fire to any stage they play. Their sound is tight, loud, melodic and catchy. It’s no surprise they have a strong fan base!

Custom is: David Lyon on Lead Vocals, Corey Petro on Guitar, Scott Bickham on Guitar & Vocals, Paul Yarnold on Bass & Vocals, and Brian Cochran on Drums.

Bassist Paul Yarnold graced me with a forward copy of their new album “V” – now available through their website. The band spent quality time at London Bridge during the pandemic, and recorded with Jonathan Plum – before sending it off to Jack Endino for mastering. The result is a powerful effort filled with hooks, clarity, emotional vocals, and truckloads of low end in the right place. The sound pushes the listening to hear more from each song, because it’s clear there are several layers added in the production.

“I will always remember is having to record with Covid protocols in place,” Paul told me. “Everyone masked up in the control room, six feet away from the board etc. Hopefully…a once in a lifetime experience.”

Listening to the album is also a lifetime experience. The party just keeps going – from the first gritty scratches of King Alice to the playful storytelling of He Should Be Dead and the rainy sounds of Finis Omnium. The entire album blends a heavy low end with Corey’s incendiary guitar solos, David’s confident power vocals, and welcome variety. Dare I saw it’s “Driving Music?” I will, and it is. The final product is testament to the talent and signature style of our local music scene, and to Custom in particular.

My favorite track is Snake In The Grass!

It embraces a swampy rock vibe that slides into a heavy load of guitar scratch and a groove that draws the song forward in a classic style. Toe tapping starts easily with this track. As a 70s kid who grew up listening to guitars grind on my turntable, “V” is an album that is pure, natural, and unforced. Custom isn’t trying to be anything but Custom – which is the very thing the band has already worked hard to achieve. Their fans love them. The band brings out the best in each other by lifting all parts in unison.

Please check out this album for yourself!

Think of the elements you like in a rock album with the classic sound, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find most of them in “V.” But you can determine this for yourself by firing up Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes or Youtube!