SUPERFEKTA – Twenty Years Of Music And Friendship

In 1999, Kyyle Cort started a band in high school.

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (14)

The elements of that group – once a series of notes in a middle school binder – became what is known today as SUPERFEKTA – a high-energy band from Marysville that plays catchy originals with thoughtful lyrics.  They remain a regional favorite, just as they have for 20 years running. The band has seen a couple of personnel changes over time, but the core sound and spirit remain.

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (27)

On 19th October, Tulalip Resort and Casino helped Kyyle and the band put on a special 20th Anniversary night of music and love, in the Canoes Cabaret.  Included in the show were Dead Rebel Saints and Bruiser Brody – exciting performers in their own right. The trio of bands played to a full house of sold-out VIP seating, and plenty of folks right in front of the stage.  Smiles were wide. Dancing was mandatory. Long-time fans of all the bands mixed with new ones. Lyric by lyric and song by song, the perfect mix of talent and energy presented itself to the crowd from Tulalip’s ample stage.

And the music just kept coming!

2019-10-19 Dead Rebel Saints 1600 Nehi (8)

The night started with Dead Rebel Saints – Keven James Hoffman on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jerad Lewis on drums, Will Dicken on lead guitar, and Jeff Naour on bass.

2019-10-19 Dead Rebel Saints 1600 Nehi (23)

The band played an hour of gritty originals, drawing heavily on a strong low end, the finer elements of grunge, with Keven’s signature voice and extended range. 

2019-10-19 Dead Rebel Saints 1600 Nehi (25)

Will’s solo work drew all the parts together, while Jerad’s percussion was surgical and filled with surprises.

2019-10-19 Dead Rebel Saints 1600 Nehi (15)

This is the second time I’ve seen them perform, but the first time on such a big stage; there was room to move and breath, which allowed the band to spread out and interact with the crowd and each other. Saints never disappoint.

2019-10-19 Dead Rebel Saints 1600 Nehi (6)

And if the crowd thought they were spent early, Bruiser Brody ascended the stage next to bring their supergroup power to a willing crowd – which was perfect for bringing everyone back to the edge!

2019-10-19 Bruiser Brody 1600 (9)

At this show, Triston Bracht of Solartone filled in for his father Travis on vocals, while JT Phillips shared lead guitar duty with Glenn Cannon. 

2019-10-19 Bruiser Brody 1600 (6)

Veteran low-tone Jeff Rouse was on bass, while Steve Migliore played drums.

2019-10-19 Bruiser Brody 1600 (23)

They immediately fell into a deep groove that kept the crowd moving. JT’s high-flying solos, lush with feedback, punched through as Jeff and Steve held up the bottom end with rhythm and audio pavement. Triston’s vocals were strong and fortified by an animated stage show. His interaction and love for the crowd were clear.

2019-10-19 Bruiser Brody 1600 (4)

Glenn brought out his consistent and 70s-soaked sound to wrap around the other elements – giving Bruiser Brody the feeling of songs we knew for years.  In short, it all just sounded “right.”

2019-10-19 Bruiser Brody 1600 (27)

But the stars for the night were SUPERFEKTA!

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (22)

The band consists of Kyyle Cort on rhythm guitar, his brother Kayris “Kris” on lead guitar, Matt Thompson on bass, and Mike Bissell on drums.  Kyyle’s calm demeanor behind the mic hides a talent for instruments and musical composition. Aside from guitar, Kyyle also graces the drums and piano. 

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (33)

He’s a planner and a thinker. His lyrics speak to that. He’s a man of detail; before the show, I passed him backstage – going over the notes, the setlist, and all the things that he wanted to share with the crowd about the band’s two-decade ride.

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (34)

Kris made his guitar sing with body bends – to get the sound just right.  His smile and eye contact make him an obvious crowd favorite.  

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (24)

Matt – always reliable – kept the bass rhythm consistent and upbeat. He is a steady hand on a stage filled with action.  Mike has known Kyyle forever, and has been SUPERFEKTA’s drummer since the beginning; his excitement at the kit is more like someone who just started playing. 

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (8)

Twenty years later, Mike gives it all he’s got behind the trap at every show!

Near the end of their set, Kyyle talked briefly with the crowd about SUPERFEKTA’s journey over the last two decades, one that included his musical dreams and helping his own brother fight his way back from a life of drugs. 

Each year, each phase and each personnel change showed how Kyyle’s middle school vision was flexible enough to survive and thrive. SUPERFEKTA spans two centuries if you want to think about it in marketing terms. But describing them in terms of decades and years also sounds pretty amazing – if you consider that many bands rarely make it out of their first year.  The commitment, dedication, and talent, and excitement for music still show through when SUPERFEKTA takes the stage.

That I was able to capture it that night was both an honor and a blessing.

Twenty years of music and friendship made this concert a special event for both the fans and the performers. I look forward to seeing all of these musicians play in the coming year, and I hope you do too!

2019-10-19 Superfekta 1600 (36)