Outshined Plays Intimate Tribute To Chris Cornell At The Cove

It was a night to celebrate the voice, the lyrics, and the mood of Seattle’s own Chris Cornell.  Outshined, the region’s premier tribute to Soundgarden and Temple Of The Dog, played two acoustic sets of Cornell’s music to a full audience at The Cove in Lynnwood, WA on 5 April 2019.

Kyyle Cort and JT Phillips brought their acoustic guitars, and Keven James Hoffman brought a voice that is well-matched in style to Cornell himself – vocal range and all.

Kyyle Cort and Keven James Hoffman – Photo Kurt Clark / NehiStripes.com

In two sets the trio covered the following songs:

  1. Blow Up The Outside World
  2. Loud Love
  3. Fell On Black Days
  4. Call Me A Dog
  5. Reach Down
  6. Wooden Jesus
  7. I Am The Highway
  8. Black Hole Sun
  9. Seasons
  10. Say Hello 2 Heaven
  11. Pushing Forward Back
  12. Like A Stone
  13. Mailman
  14. Hunger Strike
  15. Spoonman
  16. Outshined
  17. River Of Deceit
  18. Searching With My Good Eye Closed

Hearing these songs acoustically gives them a whole new perspective and layer of emotions.  Of course, some of these songs were originally done acoustic; Outshined gives them all the honor they deserve when performing them.


I found myself overwhelmed by the emotion and timelessness of the music.  Closing my eyes and taking it all in, I realized that the much of the meaning in the sounds was understood only with Chris Cornell’s passing two years ago.  I could not help but cry and smile simultaneously.

Maybe it’s because I remember what I was doing when these songs were new. Maybe it’s because there will never be another Chris Cornell. Maybe it’s the pride I feel for the Seattle Music Scene past & present – knowing these songs that were nurtured here have touched the hearts and lives of people all over the world.

Or maybe it’s all of the above.


I look forward to seeing Outshined play again in this format. But next time I’ll bring something to wipe my happy tears away!