Sami Chohfi Ventures Out Solo And Shares His Heart at Louie G’s

If you’re at all familiar with the hard-driving sound of Blue Helix and Sami Chohfi‘s powerful vocals, November 30th at Louie G’s Pizza would have been a very welcome surprise!

The show that night brought together three very different yet full-bodied musical styles: Limberlost, Sami, and Rain Light Fade – who hadn’t performed together in nearly two years.

Limberlost opened for Sami, and played an acoustic set filled with a blend of folk, rock, and newgrass that was akin to the Eagles or Alison Kraus.


The band consists of Krystle Pyette on Vocals, Ricky Dunn on Guitar, Brittany Lauren on Backup Vocals, Anthony Ciarochi on Keyboard, Ben Beman on Bass, and Mike Burt on Drums. Usually, their sound is high energy rock; so hearing an acoustic set was unique and welcome.


Their songs were sweetened with two-part harmonies and an organic Americana vibe.  It’s very clear that the band members are dialed into each other, with Krystle’s emotional vocal style leading the way.

Sami and bass player Wolf sat in after Limberlost, for an intimate set of acoustic songs which drew from the heart and shared feelings of hope, happiness, loss, and wonder.

Sami Chohfi

“It’s my soul out there on a plate,” he told me later.  “It was my first solo show and I am looking forward to doing more of these. I was wanting to focus on the raw emotion of the songs and lyrics.  Tidal Wave, Dreams of Yesterday, All Over Again and This Majesty seemed to hit home with people. It seemed there were wet eyes in the crowd throughout some of the songs.”

Sami Chohfi

The crowd was a balanced blend of fans (old and new), and family.  Sami’s lyrics explored the heartache and curiosity.  Love and loss.  Feelings that may be difficult to put into words – ones that can only be explained through action and emotion. Brittany Lauren sat in to sing duets towards the end of the set, adding yet another beautiful voice to this special time on stage.

Sami ran the gauntlet – his first solo show, baring his soul and mind to those who wanted to listen – and came out the other end less-fearful and filled with encouragement from the crowd.

I’ve been receiving messages all (the next) day from fans so I guess they connected with the words and the emotion more than anything.”

Sami Chohfi

Rain Light Fade finished out the night with their set of original rock. Members include Dane Vance Creek on Vocals and Guitar, Ian Tomlinson on Guitar and Backup Vocals, Ira Merrill on Guitar and Vocals, Eric Vickers on Bass, Kenny Buckley on Percussion, and Steve Gale on Drums.

Rain Light Fade

The band last performed together nearly two years ago, as the members we focusing on family and other projects.  If they were rusty, the crowd never believed it.  The reaction for their return to the stage – albeit “One Night Only” – was well received.

Rain Light Fade

The band’s sound is planted firmly in a Seattle vibe, taking rock and adding infectious grooves.  Dane’s vocals were strong; while the intent of the show was to be primarily acoustic, the band took their blended energy and turned acoustic into astounding.  Their fans, hungry for their presence, certainly appreciated their time on stage!

For me, this was like no other show I had attended.  Of the three acts, I had seen Rain Light Fade several times in the past.  Adding them to a show that already included the amazing sound of Limberlost, with Sami’s heartfelt delivery, made for an event that I will remember for quite some time.  Thankfully the videos I shot that night – along with the pictures shared below – will help me remember the special time I experienced so much talent!



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