Outshined and Jar of Flies – From the Vault

For many reasons we are not always able to share all of the photos we take of the shows, we plan on covering. Therefore, we’ve created a new category called “From the Vault”.

Outshined - Daryl Williams
Daryl Williams at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle WA, 27 January 2018. Photo by Kurt Clark / kurtclark.us NeHiStripes.com

These are pictures and a few videos from Outshined and Jar of Flies first show of 2018 at the Tractor Tavern on January 27.


Here’s Outshined


Here are the pictures of Jar of Flies:

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Hunger Strike beautifully done by Outshined


Next “From the Vault” pictures will be published soon. Keep coming back to our website for more content as we are going to be adding more very soon.

Note: all photos are by our own Kurt Clark at NehiStripes-photo.com; videos are done by Grungegal50