The 10 Most Underrated Songs by Alice in Chains

One of the hardest working and undefeated bands to come from the Seattle grunge era is Alice in Chains. Some consider them to be in a class all their own. With Layne’s sultry and unparalleled voice, and the harmonious melodies between him and Jerry Cantrell made this unlike any other band of its kind. Though Alice in Chains has had many obstacles, they’ve still managed make some of the most powerful and emotion-filled truths coming from their songs. Those same songs are now reaching new generations, and are still among the most played records in thousands (if not millions) of homes worldwide.  I can say I’m a true Alice in Chains fan, and honestly, love all of their songs, there are, however, quite a few songs considered “underrated”. Underrated because of a few factors; no airplay, critic reviews and lack of promotion. Other reasons, I’m sure, but one cannot know every single factor.

Alice In Chains – We Die Young Photo Shoot 1990

Over the past two months, we did a poll on a social media site, and asked many Alice in Chains fans what they believed the most underrated Alice in Chains songs were. We’ve narrowed down the list based on the numbers and we are sharing those results with you, the fans and readers. Although, not everyone will agree, BUT hey, it’s an article on Alice in Chains, so there’s still something for you, the almighty “Chainers” out there.

#10: Sludge Factory:  Album – Alice in Chains

#9: Don’t Follow: Album – Jar of Flies

#8: Sunshine:  Album-Facelift

#7: Rain When I Die:  Album – Dirt

#6: Black Gives Way to Blue: Album – Black Gives Way to Blue

Alice In Chains – Photo by Chris Cuffaro

#5: Junkhead:  Album – Dirt

#4:  Hate to Feel: Album – Dirt

3: Confusion:  Album – Facelift

2: Am I Inside: Album – SAP

1:  Frogs:  Album – Alice in Chains

Certainly, there are more songs that one might consider underrated by this powerhouse band.  Even if you aren’t a “die-hard” fan, give them a listen, and I’m sure you’ll agree that these should have had more exposure.

Within each Alice in Chains song, there is a story, a personal account of feelings, and a message to the listeners. The message is a subliminal one and one that brings you back for yet another listen.  Alice in Chains has been storytellers for almost 29 years; and even though Layne Staley and Mike Starr are no longer with us, we continue to hear them in the older songs, as we listen to our CD’s, vinyl and even digital downloads. Those songs are never forgotten; who can forget  Mike Starr singing in the background in ”Confusion”?; Or Ann Wilson singing backing vocals for “Am I Inside”, and Sir Elton John, playing the piano in Jerry Cantrell’s tribute to Layne Staley, in “Black Gives Way to Blue”.

These days, William Duvall has taken over the lead singing of AiC, and although he is never expected to fill Layne’s shoes, I believe he’s now a welcome addition, to Seattle’s favorite “grunge” band. More stories are being written as we speak, and soon those subliminal messages will be coming to us again, and we’ll be waiting.

Alice In Chains w/William DuVall – Jedbangers Mag. 2013 (Argentina)

Afterword: This article was written in 2015 by me while writing for another music website, not worth mentioning. This article has been revised and parts rewritten. This is solely my work, and no other person(s) were involved at all.