The Royal We at The Royal Bear

The Royal We is a party cover band with an extensive show schedule around the Puget Sound and has a very loyal following.

Sometimes a guy just needs a solid bunch of musicians to play songs he knows while he drinks beer.  The Royal We is that band.  Their set list has rock songs from the 1970s through the 1990s – from bands including Aerosmith, Poison, AC/DC, The Beatles, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin and The Cars.  Vocalist Mike Graham has an impressive range and the ability to take on the styles of different singers.  Craig Cessna is an animated lead guitarist whose solos are always tight.  Jorge de la Torre lays down a solid bass line and has one of the best smiles around.  Kevin Trau joined recently to do work on keyboards; he does his part to make Beatles songs like Get Back sound authentic and fun.  And Doug McGrew handles percussion, playing with both power and flair.

The Royal We played at The Royal Bear in Algona WA on 29 December 2017.

This bar along the West Valley Highway has been long-time hangout for the band; I’ve seen them play there a number of times in the last couple years.  The sound and lighting in the venue are excellent, and the stage puts the band right out with the audience.  Perfect for musicians who love to stay connected with their fans!

And sometimes those fans get on stage with Mike as guest vocalists on some songs.  That night Keri Dunkelberger and Jaclyn York both joined in on the fun and performed.  Mike’s engaging way with the fans is one of the reasons why The Royal We is a crowd favorite.

The band have a very active show calendar, so Like them on Facebook to keep tabs on their upcoming dates!

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