Mike Starr, Alice In Chains and Sun Red Sun

Never forget Mike Starr’s contributions in music; most notably on Alice In Chains’ “Would?” And his stellar backing vocals on AiC’s song “Confusion” off their freshman album “Facelift”.

Mike with Alice In Chains

One knew immediately when Starr played his bass. No one could ever mimic his signature rhythmic beat……

Alice In Chains early years with Mike Starr

After Starr departed Alice In Chains, Al B.Romano (Belladonna & more) recruited Starr and Ray Gillen (Badlands – Black Sabbath), to form Sun Red Sun. Gillen’s participation in the group was short lived (they did manage to record a record, but never toured) as he passed away on December 1st, 1993 of an AIDS related disease.

Promotion for Red Sun Red with Mike Starr, Ray Gillen, & Al Romano

Sun Red Sun’s album was released in 1995; they subsequently came out with a 3-CD set, which included a “Lost Tracks” CD, in 2000. And in 2017, Sun Red Sun reissued their 1995 album again; and this time around, came a new album cover photo; a “carefree & relaxed” Gillen.

Mike Starr & Ray Gillen press photo for Red Sun Red

Reviews of the album were positive. It’s was pure metal, which was a welcome change from Gillen’s previous project that had been more “Bluesy”. Several music magazines, such as Kerrang!, RIP, Metal Hammer and Circus, all gave the 95’ release 4 stars, in some cases 5 stars. When you get this many rock musicians together, One would expect greatness, and that’s what they got!

Layne Staley & Mike Starr “Dirt” era

The world lost Michael Christopher Starr on March 8, 2011. There has never been another bassist quite like Starr, then and even now.

Mike Starr