Italian Grunge Band “Shame” – Hittin’ it BIG in Europe

It’s been about 18 months since I last wrote about Seattle’s favorite grunge band from Milan, “Shame”. In late Spring 2016, they released their 2 song EP “Stargazer”. Since that time, the band has been touring extensively in Europe.

I recently checked in with the band, and interviewed guitarist Pino Foderaro; here’s our Q&A and what they’ve been up to this year and their plans for 2018.

Shame performing
Shame performing

What has Shame been up to for the majority of 2017?

We played different shows and we’ve been to Germany and Switzerland twice with US/German band Pothead opening their shows. We also spent time writing the songs for the next album, without any pressure; just catching what was popping up and working to make it better in terms of sound and lyrics.

In regards to your next album coming out in 2018, what should fans expect?

Something different from the previous album that had a stronger grunge influence. We are still proudly a grunge band, but in the last few years, we’ve been influenced by different kinds of music too. We’ve grown up, we passed through good things and some suffering in our private lives; we are older and we have a new line up.

Shame and Pothead
Left to Right-Brad Cock (Pothead), Claudio Ciaccia (Shame-Drummer), Marco Riboldi (Shame-Bass), Andrea Paglione (Lead Vox-Guitar), Jeff Moore (Pothead), Bert Bummtschack (Pothead; filling in for Robert Puls), and Pino Foderaro (Shame-Guitar)

As far as your EP Stargazer, how well was that received?

We got positive reviews, and most of all the fans and our friends like the new sound and our passion that we continue to put into our music and lyrics.

For those that might be reading about you for the first time, can you please explain the significance of Seattle and the importance it’s had on your sound of music?

Could we write a book about it? (laughs). Difficult to explain in a few words. We were in our teenage years in the early 90’s, so we totally lived the boom of the Seattle Sound (Grunge Boom). It was huge, we were young, we wanted to be free and that sound that attitude to play and to live was the freedom in our eyes. Seattle was “the place” and we are happy to have such a strong link with the city and the people there.

How hard is it on your family and friends with you tour?

Hard, but not too bad. We play a lot, but we try to keep a regular life, playing short tours, instead of longer ones.

How cool has it been to tour with Pothead? Have they been supportive of your music too?

The guys in Pothead are great people and they treat us like family members. They have a fantastic crew and we feel welcome all the time, by everyone. The band and their management are very supportive of our music and playing with them is truly inspiring. We’ve also learned a lot just by watching how they build every single show.

When you look back on the music you’ve put out over the years, what song are you most proud of and why?

Comet (Stargazer EP), is the song we are most proud of. It was inspired by the old Comet tavern in Seattle; a place we love so much and we’ve also played.

Shame - Albums
Shame – Albums; Left to Right: Induction of Penitence EP, Entropia, Stargazer EP, and Unicorn (Greatest Hits)

When do you all plan on making it back to the US; more importantly, Seattle?

The plan is to be back in 2018, when the new album is out. Seattle is the first place on the map. We have friends there; people that have loved us from the very first show we had. We can’t make the US without Seattle…..and we NEED it!

On Saturday Shame will be at the menagerie of Milan for a very nice 90’s event. With Shame, the band Alice in the Box will cover Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone and will offer you a breathtaking tribute to the music of Seattle. The party will continue with DJ EDJ and its incomparable mix of grunge music.


I am always excited to talk to these guys. They put their heart and soul into their music and I do love to see them live. I for one, cannot wait until they come back to their second home, Seattle.

Find Shame on Facebook and on the web.

Shame is Andrea Paglione (Lead Vox, guitar), Pino Foderaro (Guitar), Marco Riboldi (Backing vox, bass) and Claudio Ciaccia (Drums).

Enjoy Comet, by Shame, below.