Soulmate, Twin Flame and Life Partner

By Rane StoneNeHi Stripes Music Zine Seattle

These are 3 archetypal love relationships which humans experience.

These 3 different kinds of romantic relationships and connections can be categorized as Soul Mate, Twin Flame and Life Partner. Don’t get stuck on what we have named them, just look for anything here that can help you understand the types of romantic relationships that are possible between humans and WHY you have called them in. One may have repeated experiences with one or all these relationship archetypes, and others will not experience all three in this life. Understanding these love connection types can help us have peace with the fact that different relationships are meant for different reasons, and a circle doesn’t have to fit into a square (why your Twin Flame will never work as your Life Partner).


Here are some typical characteristics of these romantic dynamics to help you gain clarity on who you may currently have in your life (or have had), hopefully inspiring a deeper sense of understanding, acceptance and freedom within your heartspace. Each of these scenarios can be looked at as an opportunity to heal and move into a better version of yourself.

Soul Mate~
– Often first serious relationship
– Deep soul connection (may feel more like you were brother and sister in a past life)
– Opens you and activates you as a romantic being
– Lacking sexual chemistry
– This relationship is often everything you think you want, but its just not doing it for you
– Involves a battle between the logical mind and intuition (logical mind thinks you should stay as this relationship as it looks great on paper, but your intuition tells you to leave)

WHY THIS RELATIONSHIP COMES INTO OUR LIFE: This relationship serves to open to us up like a budding flower, establishing your romantic self-confidence. It can reestablish belief patterns that you were raised with, and help you feel safe and comfortable to explore. Teaches you that what you “should” want is not always the best for you.

HOW WE CAN HEAL FROM THIS: Strengthening our sense of self separate from relationships. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t in our lives, figuring out what really works for us in a romantic partner.

Twin Flame~
– Highly passionate and/or sexual
– Deep spiritual connection (feels like they were your romantic partner in many past lifetimes)
– Unexplainable knowing of them when you look into their eyes which stirs you to the core
– Activates triggers and deep wounds that need to come to the surface for healing
– Unseen and unexplainable emotional and psychic tie between you
– Breaks you down and destroys you (the bigger purpose of which is to rebuild yourself     consciously)
– Highly addictive dependency on one another (you need them to feel complete)
– Blind passion motivating you, separating you from your abilities to problem solve in healthy way
– Unhealthy and toxic (people around can notice something is wrong)
– Exciting and invigorating, releases endorphins in your body
– All your life-force energy goes into this relationship, and not your life mission
– Highest highs and lowest lows
– Brings out the worst in you, reveals your shadow side, activates all your insecurities
– Tests your sense of reality
– Both people lack the skills, capacity, and discipline to have a workable relationship in this lifetime, so this relationship cannot work in the long-term.
WHY THIS RELATIONSHIP COMES INTO OUR LIFE: Without this experience, we will not be forced into rebuilding ourselves mindfully in preparation for our life partner. This relationship highlights what we can’t live with and what we can’t live without.


HOW WE CAN HEAL FROM THIS: This relationship will usually push us into the Dark Night of the Soul, breaking us down and forcing us to re-build everything from scratch. This makes us a stronger and more intentional person. It is from this void that miracles and magic really happen, as it is so far outside your comfort zone.

Life Partner~
– All love relationships before have prepared you to recognize and call in your life partner
– Deep, steady, unwavering, reliable love that makes you feel at peace
– Sustainability and feeling like it is “just the beginning”
– A joint mission that will take a lifetime to complete
– Lifestyle match, you want to live the same life
– Both partners, as individuals, have done the work to become a whole person, so you are two whole people coexisting
– They naturally bring out the best in you
– They support healthy independence
– No games or jealousy
– Both partners can surrender to love and be supported in their individual life mission
– A powerful ability for co-creation together
– Yin/Yang energy balance (polarity and integration of equal and opposite forces)
– You are proud and admire them as an individual in the world
– Deep healing that takes place in this relationship
– They tick all the boxes and you also have a sense of chemistry and longevity
– Spiritual/Sexual connection


WHY THIS RELATIONSHIP COMES INTO OUR LIFE: This is the grand angel that comes into your life to show you how to personally embody sacred union and hold you accountable to truly evolve. You two had a soul contract to do this life together!

HOW WE CAN HEAL FROM THIS: Being supported in your own mission, finding sustainable balance and oneness with each other mimics the oneness of Source/God/Spirit. Nothing heals more deeply than this.

~Amber L’Estrange and Jenna Pennrose

Rane Stone is a Seattle based life style coach, singer, songwriter and fellow band-mate.

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