When Fear Enters Your Heart

“When fear enters your heart, unhappiness gets its foot in the door. Fear and trembling dance a little jig in your heart and you call this unhappiness. You name a state of affairs as unhappiness. Unhappiness seems very real to you, yet it is not the actual state of affairs. Unhappiness is an idea that you are carrying around and fear gets a hold of you and makes you feel fearful, and your heart sinks.

Now, you may think that the present moment is an unhappy moment, and you may actually feel unhappy, yet unhappiness is still an idea that you are carrying around. You tell yourself that you are stuck in the mud and that you can not ever truly be happy, or at least, happy for long.

On Earth and this life, it moves on, irrespective of anything. It matters not your feeling or thinking about it, it still moves on. The decision you must make for happiness is to move forward as well. A decision you make for unhappiness will always hold you back. Both happiness and unhappiness are conclusions that you draw on your own. Certainly, the conclusions you make for yourself will determine the color of your day for yourself. If you like color, then color your day with the colors you like. The conclusions you draw are optional. Opt to use the colors you like.

Who dares to tell you otherwise? Who dares to tell you that you can’t be happy in a world of splendor? If life is what you make of it, make of it what you want to make of it. You are the advocate of your life. You may be convinced that no man or woman can dictate to you that you are happy. By the same token, no human being can assert that you are unhappy, yet you are the human being that believes yourself to be happy or unhappy. You are a good convincer. Jump onto another track of thought. The scale you range regarding happiness or unhappiness holds no certainty. When you proclaim unhappiness, you bet against yourself. You are being false to yourself because happiness is not ever in question. Your happiness is not dependent upon what is going on around you. You are far greater than whatever is going on around you. You are made up of far more than whatever may be dancing around you at a particular moment. You actually do have a say over yourself.

Happiness or unhappiness is relative. Today you may be unhappy about one thing. Tomorrow you may be happy about another. Be happy today anyway. Even as today you could be feeling unhappy and focusing on your unhappiness, still, today you can also run free. You have the full use of your mind. I can guarantee you that if you were to lose the full use of your mind you would look back at today as a very happy day. This is what is meant by, relative. You decide how to look at your life. Happiness and unhappiness are choices you make. Start looking at your life from a place of happiness.

Are you your own friend or not? If you have been negating yourself, stop doing that this very moment. Be a cheerleader for yourself. Put an end to predicting what you don’t want to happen in your life and expanding on it. If you don’t desire unhappiness, then cease declaring it now and forever. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, then don’t ever say it to yourself. Refuse to inherit any type of dysfunction. Learn new ways of living rather than repeating what you have already lived through, before. Expand your personal, spiritual and emotional consciousness and self-awareness. Your world begins with YOU. Like it or not, YOU are here for a purpose and YOU will continue to be here until the time comes that either YOU have finished YOUR purpose or have ultimately refused to accept YOUR purpose. The choice is always YOURS, and it always begins and ends with YOU.”

~ Author Unknown

Quoted by Rane Stone